7 days fast & zip Iran tour

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7 days fast & zip Iran tour

7 days fast & zip Iran tour

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What’s the travel itinerary?

Day 1: Visiting the capital of Iran, Tehran

Nǐ hǎo, Salam! Welcome to Iran. Thank you for choosing “wonderiran.com”! From the IKA (Imam Khomeini International Airport), we will take you to your hotel to check-in.  

Then excitement starts, with the tour at the first stop. The World Heritage Site, the luxurious, and noble Golestan Palace is waiting for you. This royal historical monument is on scenery surrounded by vast green gardens and quiet pools. We will have lunch then we will visit the Azadi Tower. Take your best pictures here. In the afternoon we go to the domestic airport and fly to Shiraz.

Azadi Tower in Tehran Iran
Azadi Tower
Golestan Palace- tehran_ iran
Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace- tehran_ iran
Golestan Palace
Azadi Tower in Tehran Iran

Day 2: Exploring the beauty of Shiraz

We start the day from the lovely Pink Mosque (Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque).

**Note: There is an exclusive 11 a.m. to 17 Qashqai nomad experience with a lunch option tour. You can inform us while making a booking.

Your day gets more amazing with a visit to Vakil Bazaar and carpet purchasing experience and Hammam. Before lunch, we must visit Karim Khan Citadel.

In the afternoon, we visit Shāh Chérāgh. This is a beautiful funerary monument. Mirrors and lights have dancing scenery to mesmerize you.

Shiraz gifts the world with beautiful poems. Hafez and Sa’adi, not only poet and philosophers, their tombs are heavenly Edens on Earth for a romantic moment.

Finally, we reach the Khwaju Kermani & Quran Gate to conclude the day and later have dinner.

Vakil Bazaar- shiraz- iran
Vakil Bazaar
vakil bazar- shiraz- iran
Vakil Bazaar

Day 3: Exploring ancient history in Shiraz

First, we check out, drive to the legendary city of Persepolis, the former capital of Darius the great’s empire. You are going to learn a lot about history here. Your journey continues to the Necropolis. Iranians call it Naqsh-e-Rostam. It is the burial place of Darius and his successors. Every traveler is amazed by the magnitude.

After lunch, we will leave early to drive to UNESCO’s world heritage site, Pasargadae. It is the former capital of the Achaemenid Empire and the Tomb of Cyrus the Great.

Finally, we start moving to Isfahan.

persepolis- shiraz- iran

Day 4: Half of the world in Isfahan

In this city, you hear beautiful accents. Your first stop, Vank Cathedral, this is the intersection of the West and the East, where the European and Islamic architectural elements blend. The next visit is Naghsh-e Jahan, also known as Imam Square. A 17th-century site, which is a great historical location. From there we move to Ālī Qāpū to witness the grand palace once the living place of Safavid monarch. Let’s not forget the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. Here we will have an Iranian meal in a cozy traditional restaurant. But you can never get full of this beautiful location. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is giving color and life to this magnificent site.

**Note: There is an exclusive Ghalamkari Experience option. You can inform us while making a booking.

Before a short break at the hotel, we will visit Chehel Sotun Palace.

**Note: You have the option of enjoying a traditional bath at an extra charge.

When the sun sets, it’s time to visit 33Pol (Si-o-se-pol) and Khaju Bridges. They’re 200 years old but still a passage for people over the river of Zāyandé-Rūd.

sheykh Lotfollah Mosque- isfahan- iran
Architecture of Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque
Vank Cathedral- isfahan- iran
Vank Cathedral

Day 5: Farewell Isfahan and Nǐ hǎo Nain

From Isfahan, we drive to the beautiful city of Nain. When you google Nain, the first result is related to Persian Carpet. Besides the carpet, cloaks are also very famous. Originally the name of these cloaks is Aba. You have a great chance to take part in weaving Aba on your own. Before lunch, we will visit the Jāmeh Mosque of Nā’īn; it is the grand and one of the oldest congregational mosques.

On the way to Kashan, we will pass from the charming old village; the Red Village. Abyaneh, the village at the foothills of Kuh-e Karkas (Karkas Mountain) with famous red-colored sands and houses.

Finally, we reach Kashan and check-in.

abiyaneh village- kashan- iran
Abiyaneh Village_ The red village
Abiyaneh Village- kashan- iran
Abiyaneh Village

Day 6: Adorable Kashan

Kashan represents the Qajar era’s grand architecture designs. The historic houses of Borujerdiha and Tabatabaeiha are examples of such art.

Your next stop is the oldest garden in Iran, the Fin Garden, a UNESCO’s world heritage site. Enjoy the beauty of this fantastic Iranian garden.

We drift to the Maranjab Desert.

**Note: You have the option of enjoying a Safari and Desert at an extra charge. You can inform us while making a booking.

We conclude the day and drive back to Tehran.

Maranjab Desert- iran
Maranjab Desert
Maranjab Desert- iran

Day 7: Finale in Tehran

Today is your last day, but we will have a lot of places to see. Sa’adabad Complex. It is located in Shemiran, with an area of approximately 300 hectares. There are a total of 18 amazing historical monuments from Qajar and Pahlavi dynasty.

On this day, we will take you to St. Mary Armenian Church and later on Tehran Fire Temple.

We don’t wish to say goodbye, so we say to you zài jiàn, so we can see you again soon. Don’t forget to check other “wonderiran.com” tours and plan your next trip to Iran.

Saad Abad Palace- tehran- iran
Saad Abad Palace
Tehran Fire Temple- iran
Tehran Fire Temple